Shetu Modi’s latest short film The Pits is currently screening at festivals across the world.

At 13, Dhruvi is appalled to learn the Indian food she eats every day makes her armpits smell funny. Her struggle with pungent food and bold spices resurfaces years later, when she’s drawn to a fellow South Asian student in university.

The Canadian dramedy was a semi-finalist in the Women and Hollywood first-time female filmmakers contest. It also won the Narrative Short Audience Award at the Austin Asian American Film Festival.

Upcoming screenings:

South Asian International Film Festival in New York City. Saturday, December 16, 2017 at 10pm

Past screenings:

Austin Asian American Film Festival. December 2017
Filmi, Toronto’s South Asian Film Festival. December 2017
Pantry Short Film Nights in Mumbai. November 2017
Women of the Lens Film Festival in London, England. November 2017
Chicago South Asian Film Festival. September 2017
Hackney Attic Film Festival in London, England. August 2017

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